How communities can help to support local businesses
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How communities can help to support local businesses

It’s true that we’re living in uncertain times. But we’re living in inspiring times, too. Alongside the effort to cope with the impact of Covid-19, there’s been an incredible wave of innovation as small businesses work to find a new normal, and a huge effort from communities everywhere to support small business as they do.

As our co-founder Jacob shared in his email to our community, small businesses are “the backbone of the economy. Yet in times of crisis, [they’re] sadly the ones that often get hit the hardest.” 

So what have we done so far to support small business? At the request of our community, we’ve extended opening hours for our support line, temporarily suspended some of our subscription fees, reduced online payment fees and opened up new features where they were needed.

We’ve seen many users taking advantage of remote payment methods for the first time – Payment Links and Invoicing have been lifesavers for those creating delivery services: huge changes that usually take months to implement have been put together in a matter of days. 

Payment methods for small businesses

How to support a small business

This situation has demonstrated just how important independent businesses are, not just to our economies, but to their customers, too. That’s never been clearer than now, as we see communities and their businesses finding new ways to support each other. If you’re looking for inspiration for how to support a small business, here’s some ideas:

  • Support local business

It may be obvious but use small local businesses whenever possible to buy your essentials

  • Buy gift cards

Help support businesses by buying a gift card (if they offer them). It will give them an additional source of revenue, and you can take advantage of your credit later

  • Send gifts

Birthdays and holidays haven’t been cancelled – if you’re sending friends and family gifts or cards, consider choosing an independent retailer

  • Leave online reviews

Reviews can be essential for independents – so if you haven’t left your favourites a glowing recommendation yet, now’s the perfect time to do so

  • Spread the word

Been keeping the source of your favourite pastries secret, for fear of them selling out? Times have changed. Word of mouth is still one of the strongest marketing tools there is, so help out your favourite indie stores by sharing them with the world (and on that note, a tag on social media means a lot to businesses right now, too)