Training and developing your staff with Lisa-Laura Verhoest
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Training and developing your staff with Lisa-Laura Verhoest

Discover the qualities you should look for in a good barista and the learning curve to expect in your staff with Lisa Laura Verhoest, Barista Trainer and Account Manager at Climpson & Sons. You’ll also learn how to keep staff motivated and maintain their growth and development in your business, as well as the value of coffee qualifications and barista competitions.

Top tips and takeaways

  1. Hire people based on their personality, not on their skills – dialling in espresso and latte art can be taught but enthusiasm can’t
  2. Good coffee professionals are motivated by learning and career progression – if you can give them both of those things they will stay with your business
  3. New hires need to develop coffee knowledge through studying but they also need to train their palate – so be patient and give them the resources they need to thrive
  4. If a member of staff doesn’t take responsibility and brings standards down you need to have a serious conversation because a shop is only as good as its worst coffee

Show Notes

[02:42] Lisa Laura tells the story of how she got into coffee

[06:47] How Lisa Laura got into her current role at Climpson & Sons

[08:21] The things and independent coffee shop owner should be looking for in a barista

[11:24] Lisa Laura’s take on the various coffee qualifications including the SCA courses

[13:27] The steps that baristas have to go through in Climpson & Sons’ training programs

[16:04] What an independent coffee shop owner expect from the relationship they have with their trainer

[18:33] What motivates Lisa Laura as a coffee professional and how shop owners can translate this to the way they treat their staff

[21:02] The value of competing in barista championships

[23:42] The costs and benefits of having full-time or part-time staff

[25:36] The context in which a shop owner should think about firing a member of staff

[26:39] How demanding customers can be with their roastery when it comes to training

[28:43] Lisa Laura’s current coffee habits and what she’s changed her mind about in the world of coffee