How to understand your customers with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

How to understand your customers with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Discover the practical strategies that turn visitors into regulars and the classic mistakes most independent coffee shop owners make with their customers in this wide-ranging conversation with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, a coffee entrepreneur and three-time UK barista champion.

Top tips and takeaways

  1. Specialty coffee is now an established option for UK consumers, which means you don’t have to shout about it from the rooftops any more.
  2. You need to think like a marketer rather than a consumer when dealing with customers, and that requires you to put yourself in other people’s shoes.
  3. Watch what consumers do, not what they say. Their actual behaviour is much more telling than their reported behaviour.

Show Notes

[04:08] Maxwell tells the story of how he got into coffee, including an epiphany moment in Australia

[07:57] How Maxwell’s conversations with his customers have evolved over time

[14:35] How to think like a marketer and put yourself in the shoes of your customers

[17:46] What independents can learn from the big chains and how they affect the ecosystem

[19:27] The challenges of asking your customers questions and how to get real insight from them

[24:01] The sources Maxwell draws on to keep educating himself and stay updated on industry trends

[26:47] Why Nespresso is the best premium brand of all time and what independents can learn from it

[29:58] The importance of being flexible and adapting to changes in the market