10 ways to promote a product
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10 ways to promote a product

Don’t let your amazing range of products get overlooked because of poor promotion. We’ll walk you through the basics, and give you a straightforward plan for creating effective awareness that drives sales.

To promote a product, you will need a plan. This can feel daunting if you don’t know how to approach it. The good thing is we’re here to guide you through the process, and help you put a promotion plan in place for your new product.

10 ways to promote a product

  • Send promotional emails
  • Create a solid content strategy
  • Have an active blog
  • Go social
  • Use your brand ambassadors
  • Offer exclusive discounts
  • Hold a competition
  • Find your crew
  • Create a press release
  • Take it to Facebook Live

Below, we’ve outlined the most effective ways to promote a product. You might be surprised that not every method requires much effort. With some strategy and focus, they’ll be ready to roll out in no time.

1.  Send promotional emails

Email marketing may seem basic, but it’s one of the most effective methods for product promotion, and converts more than any social media. Why? It’s simple really. On social, you’re competing for attention. On email, potential customers have given you a direct line to them.

An email list is full of people who are already interested in your product. When your customers are used to seeing valuable content from you in their inbox, an email about your newest product is more likely to result in sales.

2. Create a solid content strategy

Online marketing is all about telling your product’s story. Building a content strategy is the best way to start telling that story. Whether you are reposting user-generated content on Instagram, creating engaging visual content to share on social, or sending out well-timed emails to your audience, crafting a smart content strategy can help your sales continue to grow over time.

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in each post, whether that’s a request to share a blog post, sign up for your email list, or even simply buying your product.

Creating a content strategy for your product can include supporting blog posts and videos that educate and inspire your ideal customers to take action. For example, if you’re selling running shoes, you can send out emails that include valuable content for how to find the best running shoe for your type of foot.

Blogging increases your chances of getting found online. It’s also a great way to show off your product in a creative way.

3. Have an active blog

While working on your content strategy, make room for a blog post announcing your product. This can be as simple as telling your audience about your new product, and including a button or widget that allows your customers to buy it.

Writing blog posts is also an easy way to increase your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and present your brand to customers in a creative way. Social platforms can limit your access to customers if you haven’t paid for promoted content and ads. Directing leads and existing customers to your blog with a call to action to join your email list is a smart and effective way to reach your audience without having to pay for their attention. Win win!

4. Go social

Whether your customers are on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, share a post about your product with custom content for each channel. Make your social promotions visual, so your fans can connect with your product on a deeper level.

“Today, getting people to hear your story on social media and then act on it, requires using each platform’s native language, paying attention to context, understanding the nuances and subtle differences that make each platform unique, and adapting your content to match”, according to social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk.

In short – it’s about constantly giving value to others before considering asking anyone to buy whatever it is that you’re selling.  You’ll find more Varnerchuk wisdom in his book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World”.

Have you seen photos of people praising your products in social media? Well, congratulations! Ask yourself how you can further use it.

5. Use your brand ambassadors

Have you noticed that some of your customers rave about you or your products on social media without any prompting from you? Firstly, great work! Secondly, they might be natural brand ambassadors that can carry your new product into spaces you couldn’t reach on your own. Consider paying them – or gifting them products – and asking for their assistance in sharing your product with their networks. Don’t forget to repost user-generated content on your own Instagram, like accessories brand Daniel Wellington does.

6. Offer exclusive discounts

While it’s important not to rely on discounts to build your business, they can work if you use them wisely and build them into your business strategy. If you want to build your email list to share and promote a product, providing a discount code for signing up to the list is often a great way to build it and grow your bottom line. It will also make your customers feel valued.

7. Hold a competition

If you want to promote your product on social, consider running a social media contest to spread awareness among your ideal audience. A great example of this is Encircled, an eco-friendly women’s travel clothing company, who recently held a competition on social media to promote their new leggings.

There were many things you could do to enter including following them on social, subscribing to their newsletter and commenting on their blog post. Each activity earned you points and the competition ended with the four winners who accumulated the most points. This increased brand following and awareness, and built their community – all for a relatively low cost.

What other small business owners in your area can you team up with? Remember that you share the same goal – to succeed in a world of big corporate giants.

8. Find your crew

Finding and cultivating a crew of fellow entrepreneurs that love the work you do can be a great resource to tap into when it’s time to promote it. Emily and Kathleen from Being Boss call this your ‘Wolfpack’, which is the group of people who love what you do and will help promote what you’re doing. Make it even easier for your ‘Wolfpack’ or crew to share what you’re doing by providing pre-written Tweets, Facebook posts and visual content.

9. Create a press release

Of course it’s important to market online but it’s important to remember to stay local. News agencies and local newspapers are always looking for new information about the community that they can share and your new product or business could be of interest. Write a short press release summarising your news and share it with your local newspapers and radio stations to get some local love.

10. Take it to Facebook Live

Live video is now one of the most popular forms of social media, so why not consider giving Facebook Live a try? If you have a popular Facebook page (even if it’s your personal page), take to Facebook Live to talk to your followers about your newest product. If it goes well, you could also consider making it a series, showing the behind the scenes story of how your product was made, and the process right up to your launch.

Facebook users spend 3X more time watching live videos than traditional videos, so if you haven’t tried live video to promote your product yet, this might be a great time to give it a try. (Source)

And there you have it! Ready to get started? Sign up for Zettle for free, and take the first step toward running your own online clothes shop.