5 myths about invoicing
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5 myths about invoicing


Invoicing has been around long enough that a few persistent untruths have sprung up around it. Now’s our chance to set the record straight with 5 myth-busting facts about bills.

1. Invoices are complicated to fill in

Invoicing has come a long way, baby. Gone are the days of finding an invoice template, wrangling with formats and then hunting down names and numbers. These days, you can create an invoice in seconds using a digital service like Zettle Invoice. Once you’ve filled in your customer’s details, they’ll be stored in your app. From then on, every time that customer makes a purchase, it’ll take just seconds to create and send their invoice.

2. People take longer to pay by invoice

Zettle users in the UK get their invoices paid in two to three days, on average. 30-day terms (which were established so that customers had time to post a cheque) are out, and instant invoicing is in. These days, between 70 to 80% of business give two weeks or less, and by offering your customers the chance to pay their invoices with card, you could get paid within the week.

Nope, invoicing in 2018 doesn’t have to be complicated at all!

3. Chasing up invoices can mean bad customer experience

Most customers don’t realise that they’ve missed your due date, so a simple reminder is all it takes to get paid. There doesn’t need to be any anxiety on your side or bad customer experience on theirs. With our invoicing software, you don’t even have to write the reminder yourself; we’ll send a polite and professional email that nudges your late-paying customers in the right direction and keeps them shopping with you in the future.

With digital invoicing, you know exactly when an invoice has been paid and by who.

4. I’m unprotected if customers don’t pay their invoice

Unlike other forms of payment request, an invoice is a legal document. It’s not only an easy way to send a bill, but it protects you if you have a customer that doesn’t pay.

5. It’s hard to know when an invoice has been paid

For businesses that send a lot of invoices, it used to be difficult to keep track of when, or even if, an invoice had been paid. With the advent of digital invoicing, you know exactly when an invoice has been paid and by who. And even better, all the sales data about paid invoices will be added to your daily reports so you can better analyse your business.

Do you spend hours keeping track of your invoices every month? Cut down on the admin work involved with PDF invoices and manually emailing them – instead try Zettle Invoice – easy on-the-go invoicing that gets you paid faster!