7 questions to ask when choosing a POS for your business

7 questions to ask when choosing a POS for your business

In the world of business, your point-of-sale system is like the mission control centre for all your transactions. And when you find the right one it has the potential to act as the launch pad to greater things. 
So how, as a small business owner, do you find the right one? We believe it’s simple: you just need to know the right questions to ask.

1. What hardware does your business need?

When building a point-of-sale system, you will have the choice of many different card readers and point-of-sale apps. Some POS apps will integrate with a variety of card readers while others won’t integrate at all, so do your research about what’s compatible with what. Alternatively you could buy a card reader and POS system from the same provider – something the brand Zettle is known for.

If you never want to miss a sale, a contactless card reader is an invaluable piece of kit. In this day and age, you need to offer customers a variety of payment methods and a modern device will ensure you catch every customer who doesn’t carry cash.

Looking for an integrated card reader and POS app today?

A great POS system simplifies your daily operations and provides feedback that enables you to make smarter long-term decisions.

 2. How tech savvy are you and your staff?

Ultimately you want a system that’s simple to set up and easy for your staff. New starts or interns may have zero experience of POS systems so we definitely recommend factoring in the time it takes to train your team up too.

3. A cloud-based POS or a traditional POS?

Traditional POS systems can be bulky and take up a lot of space on your countertop. There’s also potential for disaster if your hardware gets damaged or stolen and your records are lost. 

With a cloud-based POS, every payment you take is safe and secure, and all your inventory records/sales data is stored in a place where they can’t be destroyed. In addition, a cloud-based system can be run on smartphone or tablet, so it takes up a lot less space than you might expect.

Our helpful POS checklist

  • Is it EASY TO USE?

You probably won’t be the only one using the system. How simple is it for you and your staff to operate?

  • Is everything INTEGRATED?

In 2020, POS technology should be cloud connected and everything should work seamlessly with all your other apps.

  • Is it MOBILE?

Can you work on the go? Can you bring the system to a market or a pop-up store? A mobile till system gives you greater flexibility, something that could be beneficial when growing your business.

  • Is the PRICING clear?

Don’t get locked into long-term contracts – and carefully compare the rates offered by all the providers. Remember to look out for hidden charges too.

  • What SERVICE is provided?

Is support available at the times you’re likely to need it?

Zettle Go is a straightforward and smart point-of-sale solution that is also completely free. 

4. How do you interact with your customers?

If you are planning to run customer loyalty programmes or want to create an email database so you can send customers updates offers, choose a POS that allows you to input customer information while you’ve got them in front of you. 

A good POS system should collect sales data and give you valuable insights into how your customers shop. Something you can use to help you make better business decisions in the future.

5. How do you manage inventory?

It’s important to think about where and how you keep a record of all your stock.

  • Some businesses like to upload lots of products to a library in one go, some prefer to enter them individually 
  • Some like to assign pictures to stock so that they can clearly see what they’re selling 
  • Some find it helpful to receive notifications when products start to run low
  • And some look for an inventory management system that calculates the running value of all your products together

However you do business, be sure to consider the details when it comes to how you manage your inventory.

6. How do you handle returns and exchanges?

Returns or exchanges can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. 

Modern POS systems can help you streamline the process, offering easy ways to refund cash, or credit an invoice with stock updated automatically. This process means fewer mistakes are made and makes bookkeeping a breeze.

Did you know it’s sometimes possible to configure your POS with all your favourite apps?

Learn about Zettle’s app integrations here

7. How much do you value support?

There will always be issues that you can’t sort out on your own and the sooner you can iron out any problems, the sooner you can start making sales again – so make sure your POS provider is:

Affordable: Do they offer a free phone support option?

Available: Do their support hours match your schedule?

Credible: Can they answer your questions quickly and knowledgeably?