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The coffee shop reinvented: Caffeine Bank


A great idea is often simple yet scalable. Deniz Turan identified a missing link and created her own type of service. She gave “The Business Owner” a piggyback ride and explained how to communicate a new concept and why coffee is a challenging product.

Deniz Turan is a multifaceted woman with experience both from corporate and startup life. This vivid and extremely driven 30-something Londoner grew up in Turkey, but moved to United Kingdom when graduating from university in Northern Cyprus. Some years ago she was a store manager for several high street brands including Cafe Nero, Debenhams, Euphorium Bakery.

“I saw this huge number of people showing up to get their coffee every morning at eight – but many of them had to leave because the line was too long”, remembers Deniz. The coffee store was located in a financial district with hundreds of suited-up professionals in need of a well-crafted cappuccino to get their busy days going.

Deniz takes order through Whatsapp – and rejected an early idea of creating her own app: “There’s no idea to reinvent the wheel.”

It was so rewarding to see results at the end of each day.

“So, at one point I realized that all these people have money – but they don’t have time!” She did some research on her own to understand more about how to possibly cater the same unsatisfied need of all these people. Through great connections in a large office building, she got access to a space at the basement and kept on to her initial idea. High quality & on demand coffee concierge service for busy Londoners!

“I did a 12-people job, first months meant a learning curve for all of us – myself and my customers”, says Deniz. Making people understanding how the service actually worked turned out to be one of the toughest challenges. But at the same time, it was so rewarding to see results at the end of each day…”

We have built a community where our customers interact with us.

Today, one and a half years later, Deniz is about to open up her second location. Her premium on-demand coffee service became a hit in the Threadneedle Street, Bank. After struggling with few order taking channels she started using Whatsapp for taking coffee orders. It didn’t take long until the word spread and her order number was put up in conference rooms and desks in the nearby office buildings. The Caffeine Bank website also offers online ordering and accepts large standing orders via email.

“Delivering customized artisan coffee creates an operational challenge since you have to keep it nice, warm and foamy – so we only deliver to places within five minutes reach”, explains Deniz. She continues:

“I think some of the reasons to the success are the convenience and the personal aspect – we have built a community where our customers interact with us.”

Since we hang out with Deniz Turan …
She has opened a second location of Caffeine Bank. Deniz has been a Zettle user from day 1. She praises the new Zettle Reader not only for its user experience. It has also proven to be a continual conversation-opener.